Saturday, June 17, 2006


So sometimes, peer pressure gets the best of you, and you do some drugs. Now I know I don't advocate drugs, nor have I ever tried any of any sort. Anyone that tells you otherwise about me is a liar and is obviously just trying to spread lies about the Green Hornet. Aaaaand I've reached the level of pretension it takes to refer to myself with my blog name. Anyways, when you do certain drugs, there are just certain songs that really fit the mood.

Bombs over Baghdad by Outkast.
If there was a chemical process that transformed cocaine into an electrical signal, instead of a rock, you could hook it up to a pair of speakers, and this song would come blaring out. It's just so goddamn fast and funky and confusing.

America's Most Blunted by MadVillian
Over the past year or so I've just really enjoyed this one. You can't beat Doom and Lord Quas for smokey good times.

Great Gig in the Sky by Pink Floyd
Just trust me.

Marquee Moon by Television
So it's not the normal blips and beeps techno that you'd associate with e-tards and ravers, but it's got so many beautiful guitar melodies that it's just so easy to get lost in them and not even notice that the song is around ten minutes long.


Peter Matthes said...

I am not a big drug fan, but the picture of the bag of weed does look good.

Max Tesatora said...

marquee moon!! So underrated! Also love your assessment of BOB--Very on point. *SNIFF*