Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ridiculous Shit

So after a crime wave of about two weeks, police in Westchester County have apprehended this guy.

The guy's robbed several places right in the general vicinity of my homestead. He'd go into a place with his face obscured by sunglasses, bandages and such, then he'd show them the explosives strapped to his chest, explain that he had AIDS, then ask for all the money in the register. Apparently the alleged bomb on his chest was made up of stick looking things that he claimed to be dynamite. This guy is like something out of an old movie, with his hat, bizzarre bandages, and sticks of dynamite. Seeing as I spend a couple hours a week sitting behind a cash register, this guy's crime wave (surreal or not) kinda worried me. I know there are robberies around here fairly frequently, but a guy running around with explosives strapped to him just worried me a little more.

EDIT:The guy's story is definitely pretty depressing, the more I check up on it. He served like 14 years in sing-sing and elsewhere and was part of a "Rehabilitation Through the Arts" program that let him write, direct, and act. Apparently he wanted his creative output to discourage others from going into crime. He even admitted to the cops that he just had road flares on his chest during the robberies and when he was apprehended, he was only carrying a BB gun.

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