Monday, December 25, 2006

James Brown is Dead.

James Brown passed away early this morning in Atlanta, Georgia at the age of 73. During the summer of 1999, I saw James Brown, as he opened the final Woodstock festival. I remember being really excited for it and being really let down. Brown spent most of the show sitting down and really didn't do too much singing as I recall, leaving most of that up to the James Brown Revue. The dissatisfaction at that experience really stopped me from being a big fan of his for a while. Everything changed when the Douchipster passed me a copy of Live at the Apollo (1963). It was my first real introduction to the less funky, more soulful James Brown (I had never heard "Try Me" before, now it's one of my favorite songs by anyone) and it was amazing to hear what one of his shows was supposed to sound like. I still regret that I caught him at a bad time in his performing career, but I can be glad that I caught him at all.

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