Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wind Water HEART

So I recently had the chance to see one of the biggest names in swedish black metal,

Earth Wind and Fire.

Probably the best thing about the whole experience was the vocals. They have three guys left from the original crew, the lead singer being one of them. And this man can still sing better than alot of acts out there. He was hitting Mariah Carey notes. And everything that wasnt ridiculously high was just spot on like the studio tracks.
It wasnt at all a problem, it was actually kind of awesome, but the only thing interesting or a little wierd about the show was that they compacted all the songs. They didnt do them in their entirety and fused them together so that they could cram more hits into the set. They have a whole lot of hits so it made sense and made it more of a dancey clubby kind of set. Which was also amazing because it facilitated lots and lots of absurd dancemoves from many many middle aged people. Watching this while listening to Earth Wind and Fire live made it possibly one of the best nights ever.

They opened with boogey wonderland and closed with the bigger hits like September. The entire show was just jampacked with awesome funky dancy happy elemental incredible.

September-Earth Wind and Fire
(feel good dancing amazingness)

Reasons-Earth Wind and Fire
(feel good slow jam all gettin nine kinds of sexed)

Singasong-Earth Wind and Fire
(This made middle aged white men leave the ground and get actual air as if they really were trying to ascend to a boogey wonderland)


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Anonymous said...

Earth, wind and fire is a black R and B group ...

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