Sunday, June 03, 2007

Collective Soul

I didn't take this picture, but I spotted my white Mets fitted in the bottom left.

So I went down to South Street Seaport last night to check out Animal Collective and it was pretty boring. I don't want to say it was all their fault. I was situated to the side/rear of the stage, so I really wasn't getting the optimal acoustics and it seemed like a lot of sound was getting lost with the water so close by. Everytime things seemed like they were going to get interesting, or like the guys were catching a groove, things just dropped off. The whole experience was pretty disapointing. I can't say I'm a big Animal Collective fan, but I listen to them every now and again, and I definitely had higher hopes for the night. Even the fans who seemed to be into the set only applauded twice throughout the whole thing. I'd like to think they'd be cooler in a different time and place, but I don't really know.

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