Wednesday, June 13, 2007


So it’s been awhile since my last post but I’m gonna try to stop procrastinating and put up another one. This is kinda new/ kinda throw back to a few months ago but I’ve recently revisited the latest RJD2 album The Third Hand due to the release of the instrumentals last week. I really, REALLY did not like the original, with RJ’s vocals throwing everything out of whack for me and successfully ruining the entire experience. I liked maybe a total of 3 tracks with Beyond the Beyond striking a chord and You Never Had it So Good being cheesy but endearing at the same time. The rest I thought was just pain cheesy and mediocre which stuck out like a sore-fucking-thumb considering how polished and on point his production typically is. But as I said the day I realized I hate the rest of RJ’s singing on this album, “I’ll wait ‘til the instrumentals come out to listen to this one.”

Ta-Da, the day has come and to the man’s credit there is some good production on the album. So much to the point that some of these songs are completely unrecognizable, and come across as entirely different songs. The annoyingly lame vocals are stripped down (thanks god) and once again RJ’s production is the star of the show. Do the comparison yourself, maybe someone else can make sense of these vocals for me.

RJ Full Version


P.S. I've met RJ at his Rock's Off Cruise show with Aceyalone and he's a great guy, very personable, and will make sure he stays to sign shit and talk to everyone after a show. But please RJ, someone else to lace those tracks you got with vocals.

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