Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Wu Tang Wu Tang

So I've finally got something new to add to my list of "things that wasted six dollars".

If there's one thing you can count on, it's that any rite-aid / walgreens will have a bin of Kung-Fu DVDs. Inevitably, there is always at least one Wu-Tang DVD mixed in, not counting the actual Kung Fu movies with Wu related bonus features. Usually I spot them, glance at the synopsis, then put em back thinking I should buy one sometime. For whatever reason, I decided to pick one up when I saw U-God's (not) smilin' face on the cover. I've always liked Baby U-ey and I thought it might be interesting to see him air out the rest of the Clan. I thought wrong. The whole DVD consists basically of U-God bigging himself up, talking smack on Ol' Dirty, the Rza, and the Gza, and talking about how he'll punch anybody else in the face if they talk smack on Ol' Dirty, the Rza, or the Gza. There's one segment where the interviewer asks him about the rumors of Capadonna being homeless. Since the interview takes place as U-God drives around Staten Island, it just so happens that he drives by Cappadonna talking on his cell phone as he drives in the opposite direction. There's also a lot of screen time devoted to U-God's former crew, the Hillside Scramblers. They're pretty terrible. There are some bonus features that make the disc almost worthwhile, but at the end of the day I think I might've been better served by walking out of walgreens and hitting up the dollar menu at the other end of the parking lot.

In happier Wu Tang news, there's a great countdown at Urb Magazine of the top 20 Wu videos. Personally, I would've thrown "Ain't Nuthin Ta Fuck Wit" somewhere into the mix. Even though there's a lot of clips tossed in from other videos on the countdown, you'd be hard pressed to find something more badass than the shots of the huge crowd freaking out to the song's hook. Plus that dude in the white ski-mask is fuckin' terrifying.


Zilla Rocca said...

What I like about U-God is that he, like Masta Killa, was pushed to the background due to his relative lack of skill/charisma in comparison to the heavyweights (Ghost, Meth, GZA) of the Clan.

Instead of knowing his role and being grateful for being in arguably the greatest hip hop group ever, U-God positions himself as a the "shitted on superstar" on the group, even though his albums are putrid at best. No one has ever asked him for a guest apperance outside of the Wu. And yet his thinks he's the bee knees.

At least Masta Killa took time to put out a really good album and a decent follow-up.

green hornet said...

I have to say, I always liked U-God's flow. His verse on "Knuckleheadz" is one of my favorite wu-cameos. That said though, you're absolutely right about the superstar complex. Throughout the whole movie he just comes off as kind of an asshole.