Thursday, July 19, 2007

Back in the Day.... 2000

So once upon a time not too long ago, when the hornet wore Vans and lived life slow, I loved to hate on people who liked weezer. I thought liking weezer was the silliest thing ever. I thought Buddy Holly was so corny, even though I loved the video, and I took every opportunity I could find to make fun of my friends who liked weezer. The problem with this was that I really didn't do my homework too well. Sometime in the late summer of 2000, maybe the fall, I found myself sitting in a room with two ladies I was friends with. They decided they really wanted to listen to weezer, so the girl whose house we were in fired up Napster and started playing "Suzanne". Now I'd seen Mallrats, like any teenager with an affinity for nerd culture and crude humor, so I recognized the song instantly. The problem was I had professed my love for this song before. Before I knew it was weezer. After that it was like an avalanche. I found out that "Pink Triangles" was a weezer song. I found out that "Say It Ain't So" was a weezer song. All these songs I really liked were turning out to be weezer songs. It turns out I had had a pretty weak grasp on what songs weezer actually played. So I bought the Blue Album, my brother bought Pinkerton, and we rocked.
The thing is, even once my love for weezer had blossomed, I still hated the song "Holiday" off of the Blue Album. I used to program my CD player to play every track except that song. Something about the way they elongated the syllables in the word "heartbeat" just made me angry. I got into arguments with people over how awful the song was. Everyone else seemed to love it.
Today I came across the album and ended up listening to it end to end while I did my security rounds at work. I don't know what it is, maybe I've matured in some way, but I really enjoyed "Holiday" tonight. So much so that I listened to it twice in a row. I've always felt that even though I didn't like it, it set up the album perfectly to close on "Only in Dreams", but tonight it was more than that. I really enjoyed the layering on the vocals, the organs, everything just fit together. I'm even having trouble figuring out what could have made me hate it so much. That was always the one flaw that the Blue Album had for me. Now I guess it's perfect.

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