Saturday, July 21, 2007

T.I.P. Comin live from the VIP

I wrote this post a while back after I saw T.I. at the hard rock cafe. Apparently I left it in drafts and never posted it, so here it is.

So last night, after standing in line for way too long, I caught T.I.'s show at the Hard Rock cafe. I remember that I had a blast, but I can't remember too much detail, so I'm just going to critique what I can recall.

6 Pack of Bluepoint Toasted Lager at Penn Station

Always refreshing, but trying to twist off the non-twist off cap I made myself bleed.

Styrofoam coffee cups of Bud Light and Heineken on line outside the Hard Rock Cafe

I can't remember ever having a heineken and not thinking, "ugh this tastes like ass." Standing out there for eternity in that line though, that Heineken hit the spot like nothing else.

Double Jack Daniels on the rocks at the Hard Rock Cafe

Apparently the laws of math don't apply inside the Hard Rock Cafe, where a single is 1.5 oz and a double is 2 oz. Most of this drank was accidentally poured down a friend's face.

Triple Shot of Patron on the Rocks with Lime

Never before have I ordered something just because it was mentioned in a T Pain song and I don't think I'll ever do it again.

Shot of Patron

Just unneccessary. Also costs just as much as a triple shot of Patron on the rocks.

Red Bull

Tasted more like grapefuit juice. Couldn't have been entirely grapefruit juice though, because I hate grapefruit juice.

Then the show ended and I wound up at some bar in Williamsburgh. I think there was a PBR, a magic hat #9, and a gin and tonic involved, but I can't even really be sure. As far as my goofy dancing ass could tell, T.I. put on a great show. He did "Big Things Poppin'" instead of "Big Shit Poppin", which I guess would make it easier for MTV to edit (they recorded the show). Come to think of it, I don't think he cursed at all. My only other complaint would be that he did an extremely abbreviated version of "Rubberband Man", which was basically the one song I've been looking forward to for weeks. All in all it was a great show, but it really made me want to see T.I. outside of an MTV setting.

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