Thursday, May 03, 2007

this n that

The breetard passed the new ergs! album my way the other day. I have to say that it's not really as instantly catchy as some of their older material (like "Everything Falls Apart Again"), but there are definitely quality tracks here. From my initial spins of the album, "See Him Again" is the first track to really stand out from the others.

On a totally different note, I've been feeling electronic music lately. I got six free song downloads with my rock the bells tickets, so I went ahead and picked up some Gui Boratto and Felix da Housecat in the iTunes store, along with an excellently titled Ghislain Poirier song. The Gui Boratto track comes off of a remix album for City of God. The tune really doesn't convey anything related to the amazing film, but it's a cool spaced out track that manages an interesting balance between the Brazillian influence and the house sound. The Felix da Housecat track is really a lotta fun, but like a lot of house it really takes a while to really get moving. That's the nature of the beast though, so I can't really front on it for that. The Ghislain Poirier track shakes the booties, as his tracks are apt to do, and does some crazy backwards sampling tricks that work out real well in his favor.

I also picked up the Bright Eyes guest spot from the new Dntel album. This production makes me really excited for a new Postal Service album. The Conor Oberst vocals aren't hurting my opinion of it either.

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