Monday, August 06, 2007


So the re-release of MF DOOM’s last album came out last Tuesday and from what I understand the original, put out in 2004, was yanked for sample clearance issues that have since been fixed. It’s basically the same release except there’s a new beat for Kookies (apparently Sesame Street wasn’t down with DOOM using their shit). Special perk this time round is they’ve got a DVD showcasing footage from his stops from the MM..FOOD Drive Tour in 2004 when he originally released the album. That was my first time seeing DOOM and the NYC BBKings footage is the best on the DVD in my opinion. I remember wondering why there were crowds of cameras surrounding DOOM during the show but looking back I’m glad they were there now. Bumping ‘the Fine Print’ on my DVD player brings back some awesome memories from that night and for the hour long performance video alone this is worth copping – I’ve got it sitting next to the original release right now. Here’s a promo clip from Rhymesayers and DOOM performing Beef Rap from the DVD.


Beef Rap


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! Im gonna see Doom this friday at the glass house then on saturday at rock the bells!!

This cd is a must for the dvd alone!

TheyCallMeDrug said...

awesome, hope he doesn't make you wait at the glass house. im interested to see what that setlist will end up looking like.