Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lez get breetarded

well hello....planet earth
my brother the green hornet asked me to to start contributing here on cigar box guitars, instead of just sending him songs and getting mad when he forgot to post them. My tastes are just about as absurd and eclectic as his, but range more into the heavier stuff. So if you've ever gotten a little tired of hearing about super indie scenesters or how many hoes ghostface REALLY deserves then tune in.
today we're talking about tracks with great double bass parts. As a drummer myself it makes my calves hurt sometimes to listen to some of these songs.

As I Lay Dying- 94 Hours

These guys are amazing at laying down rock solid drums, bass, and rhythm guitar, and lacing more complicated lead guitar over it. The vocals are juuuust growly enough and its hard to decide what really makes the song. The bass drums get crazy around the second verse, the beat remains nice and slow though, which gives it that heavy as hell sound.

And come on, the dudes name is Jordan MANcino

Lamb Of God- Boot Scraper

Off of their earlier album As The Palaces Burn, this is the perfect example of how awesome it is when the rhythm guitar matches the bass drums perfectly. Gives the song a really full sound. Chris Adler is widely regarded for his very clean and crisp bass sound. He also has one hella metal beard.

As Blood Runs Black- My Fears Have Become Phobias

This song is just all around amazing. Plenty of nice slow breakdowns, fast verses, blast beats, crowd sing along bridges, and crazymetalguitar. the entire song is no doubt worth your time, but near the end he just busts into one of the fastest and yet slowest beats I've ever heard in my life. ridiculous.


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