Friday, April 06, 2007

get maaashed up

I'm not really big on the whole "mash up" thing. I didn't get into the grey album, I don't really girl talk, I dunno, just never got into it. Of course, there are always exceptions, like when I heard Jay-Zeezer for the first time.

Maybe I'm crazy, but I kind of like this version of December 4th better. The other tracks are mostly just novelty, though "My First Song's Name is Jonas" is pretty great, right until it peters out at the end. Anyway, I found another mash-up album I can really enjoy, by way of The Rap Up.

I mean, I can't think of a time when I've ever not wanted to listen to Luda, likewise for the Jackson 5, so it's pretty much right up that awesome alley. Plus, in stark contrast to the Jay-Zeezer project, every track is a great listen. Download a zip of the whole tape at 5G Productions.

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