Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Curse

I love to whistle, plain and simple.

The only problem with it is that sometimes I do it without realizing it. This brings about some slightly embarrassing situations, like the time I caught myself whistling Celine Dion's Titanic song while I was working construction. Usually it's not so much embarrassment, however, and more of, "why the hell am I whistling that?"

Origin Story:
A few years back (spring 2005 to be precise), I was living with a really fun group of people. I had a cool roommate and a crazy girlfriend (in the good way, at that point). We hung out a lot with another girl who lived next door and with another couple that basically lived downstairs. Things were pretty wild for that spring and it was a lot of fun. There was only one problem. That problem was a band called the used.

I didn't care much for the band one way or the other. I didn't really see them as very special or particularly offensive. Everyone else I hung out with loved them. So I was stuck listening to them a lot. Things basically came to a point when I was sleeping in the back seat of my car on the way home from a spring break trip. While I was sleeping, the Used was being played in my CD player. I'm okay with that, I'm sleeping. The only problem was that after I woke up and took over driving again, the CD player seemed to be broken and wouldn't stop playing the CD. It was awful. That's pretty much what drove me crazy with disgust for the band.

Back to Present Day:
Times change and I haven't seen any of those kids in quite some time. I did talk to my former roommate last night though. As it usually happens when I think about that group, I got the Used stuck in my head. Now, they won't leave. All day, I've been catching myself whistling their song "I Caught Fire" and it's driving me mad.

Listen to it and share my pain. I wish this chorus wasn't so catchy.

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