Thursday, October 05, 2006

Simply Smokin

For the most part R&B, in my opinion, has lost most of its artistic credit. Most songs these days lyrically are the same as well as the production. It is more of a pop industry than that of its blues ancestors. However I’ve found that most of the quality singers are still around in the heart of this genre, gospel music. Although this genre is looked over by most of the public it is where most great rhythm and blues singers come from and conditioned at some point or another.
While I am not an avid listener of gospel I stumbled on a video clip of Smokie Norful a singer from America’s heartland. Oklahoma seems to have a knack for producing great singers, must be something in the water. He amazed me because he sang live with only himself and a piano, and it sounded better than the recording. This tenor can wail as if he were Hendrix’s guitar. He has great control, and while he does riff quite a bit he never goes off the deep end. His riffs simply add to the song as opposed to being the focus because he can do tricks. His voice carries the song wonderfully with the skill of an old professional. It is evident that he has paid his dues in the church scene, and has taken the time to find a place in his voice where he is really comfortable. What I really enjoy about his voice is that I can hear it easily being played on te radio for the mass public. Hopefully a talented singer such as this can get a break, chances are he will be the next pop star of the gospel scene. I could rant forever so I will leave you now with what I think is his best right now. The song is 3 years old now, but it is still more enjoyable than most pop out right now. So enjoy.
Smokie Norful- I need you now

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