Thursday, August 17, 2006

5 Songs for a Broken Heart

There cannot be good without bad. The one law of life that most people can agree on. So with love, loss is always there to follow. How we deal with these situations is where things get interesting. Some may watch television and go through a tub of ice cream, and some may hit a bottle of beast. One thing that is consistent with any kind of love loss however is the sad songs that we listen to. So while I am sitting here listening to the saddest songs I wonder what the best post best break-up songs are. The songs we listen to make our feelings vocal whether they are feelings of anger or depression. So I have compiled a list of songs that correspond to each stage of healing after a break up:

I was a Fool to Care- James Taylor

This piece has more in its words than in its melody. Mr. Taylor is simply a man with his guitar in this song. This song is a battle of conscience. The listener can almost see Taylor sitting with an angel and a devil on his shoulders as he is trying to come to the realization that he should be giving up. I enjoy his decision in not doing a lot musically with the song because it comes out as more of a personal confession in its simplicity.

James Taylor- I Was a Fool to Care

Ex-Factor- Lauryn Hill

With a voice comparable to silk, Lauryn Hill’s ex-factor is one of my favorite songs just because it is beautifully recorded. What makes this song even better is the fact that she wrote and produced the song. Her words are eloquent and honest, and have the ability to feel exactly what she is feeling. Her voice is really what puts her over the top in this song though. Her soft crooning in the beginning of the song makes her sound as if she is begging, which by the end of the song turns into a pleading for both parties to let go. It is a wonderfully put together piece that will serve as an after breakup mint.

Lauryn Hill- Ex-factor

For All We Know- Donny Hathaway
While this song has been recorded by many legends (Nat King Cole, Billie Holiday, etc.) I chose this version of the song because Hathaway’s voice has the ability to chip away the heart like an ice pick. This is possibly one the sweetest songs ever written, and Hathaway does an amazing job interpreting this song. He slowly builds on the emotion of the song, ending with an amazing use of his falsetto. Musically his use of the piano is phenomenal. The somber strokes of his piano that intro the song makes it sound as if the piano is crying for him. All in all this song tugs on the old heartstrings and should be listened to even if you are completely content.

Donny Hathaway- For All We Know

Giving Up- Donny Hathaway

Yes it is another Donny Hathaway song. What can I say the guy wrote sad songs and he did them well. This song bleeds morose vibes probably better than Marilyn Manson. The eerie violins along with Hathaway’s crooning let the listener know that if they were in a good mood to start they will not be by the end of this ballad. This song is wonderfully produced with the horns and his piano really giving this track a heart wrenching quality.

Donny Hathaway- Giving Up

Dry Your Eyes Mate- The Streets

This track is so honest it sounds as if he slit his wrists right on the sheet music. Skinner goes through every emotion felt after a big loss. His storytelling ability in the song is skillfully done as you can almost see and feel the scene he is describing. The listener can become Skinner, and can feel the every emotion he has written about. Skinner does a fantastic job with this song, and although it is a very sad song it does provide some hope for love’s fallen soldiers

The Streets- Dry Your Eyes

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didnt see james taylor comin up there, really would like to hear that song and Giving-Up if you could post them in the future. hit it on the head with lauren and the streets tho